23 November 2007

from kateblob

1. I haven't spoke to you in AGES, so tell me your usual daily schedule with highlights and lowlights.
* i wake up at 6am (lowlight), have a coffee and a fag, and get into my lovely little polo car about quarter to 7
* i drive an hour to work, cursing the two lane motorway, meaning i get stuck behind very slow lorries overtaking even slower lorries (worst lowlight)
* i start work at 8ish, after we've finished chatting about randomness. work till 10, then it's more coffee and fag (highlight)
* back to work, lunch at half 12 (highlight - food and coffee and fag), then finish the day at 4.
* back in ralf the wonder polo and the hour trip back home. this is a highlight, as i am awake enough to listen to music on the way back, and i can't be late.
* time for another coffee and a nice hot shower. then it's ratty time! (big highlight)
* i chill on the internet for a bit, watch some telly, eat ma dinner, have copious cuppas and fags, then at some point in the evening i head off to adam's (biggest highlight of the day)
* chill with adam, play playstation, more tea and fags
* sleep (highlight)

and that's my week. other than breaks, there's no usual daily schedule for work - doing something different every day, which is so much better than my last job where it was the same thing over and over.
friday nights is boys night so i stay in my flat and get drunk with friends. the weekends are usually spent just resting with adam or finding fun places to visit.

2. What book or film was the last best thing you read/watched & why?
'tuesdays with morrie' though i haven't finished reading it yet. you know me, not one for many words, so simply it makes you think so much. when it comes down to it, everything western culture holds dear is nothing and meaningless. live in the moment and don't worry about what tomorrow brings - you can spend so long working hard for the future to be better, then get to the end and find you didn't have time to enjoy it.

3. What hairstyle do you have right now?
this one:

but a bit redder and without baby

4. If you could stop ONE, and only one, problem in the world immediately and without any memory of it, what would it be and why?
my laptop being broke because it pisses me off.
no, seriously, have thought lots about this question and can't pick one thing. how can you place one problem over another as more important to stop, when there's so many bad ones. at a push i would say sexual abuse, because i've have many good friends whose lives have been runined by it. i wouldn't want the world to forget about it though - they might start it up again.

5. Do you think that human nature is in any way perfectable?
yeah, get rid of all the chavs.
no, there's so much diversity in human nature that there's no way to get it perfect. and anyway, who gets to define what the perfect state of human nature is?

well, that's it folks. will interview anyone who wants it x

08 July 2007

so, i'm going to steal kate's idea to get me blogging again.

ask me five questions each and i shall answer


25 April 2007


sorry for lack of blogging.

have no tinternet at the mo. should hopefully get some next week.


03 April 2007

I am a bad girl. i haven’t updated in ages. didn’t realise it had been so long!

even my rats update their blog more than me. (they are quite upset they don’t seem to have any readers)

the big news down my end is that we’re moving again. the downstairs neighbours are a nightmare, things are wrong with the flat and the landlord is useless (but lovely).
the new flat is much nicer and only £50 more a month. (sara - tis on the tettenhall road). is right next to a bus stop and opposite a garage with cash machine, pharmacy, corner shop and about three off-licences!
and actually has a proper kitchen. can’t wait for a decent cooker again! and a proper sized freezer! and a washing machine! and a shower!!! just little things, but things that make life soooo much better.
we are signing the contracts after i’ve finished work today, get the keys on sat, then move in the weekend after.

i hate hate hate my job. it’s horrible. there’s never enough work to do, and i feel guilty for faffing on the internet allday. i know some people would be grateful for that, but i don’t work like that. i like to keep busy and feel like i’ve actually earned my money.

hopefully there is a change of prospects soon. i still plan to work for the national trust, and april is the month they annouce where the careerships are this year. i am praying they announce it soon and i’m praying that there’s at least one local(ish) one. i want it so bad!
if not i will cry and will have to find a different gardening job to support another two years at college. either way, i want out of here as soon as possible.
(this is how bored i am - i have just spent 5 mins cleaning my mouse, and wondering what i can clean now. and i do actually have work to do, but a) it’s as boring as hell and b) if i do it now i won’t have anything to do tomorrow.)

kate bloberty blob - i have the fabled photo of the magic chalkboard. will find it tonight and scan it in.
i remember the first thing written on there (when we were actually going to use it as a shopping list) was ‘phallic shaped fruit + veg’.
i know kev’s mate asked for a belt without realising kev had already got him one for christmas
i asked for wolves to be promoted
sara (i think) asked for simon to exceed martin on the sleaze factor, and she also wanted douglas coupland’s love child (do we have definite proof that quiche is not his?!)
we all wanted money and some of us wanted fags (can’t possibly think who!)

time for another fag break methinks...then it’s only one hour left (for today)

had fag.
spilt coffee.
productive afternoon huh?


17 February 2007

girl i'm gonna dunk ya like a biscuit!

hee hee hee hee hee heeeeeeee!!

two pints is the best programme ever ever ever. and this episode is the best ever ever ever

01 February 2007

a tail of rattas

proper introduction to my girls and boys...
*pictures to come later*

Bellis (black hooded)
so named because the markings on her right shoulder look like a flower, (bellis is the latin for daisy). she’s somehow ended up with the nickname ‘Belly’. appropriate seeing as she is getting a bit of belly, and definitely likes her food. she is so much like Gytha it’s unbelievable. even in the way she looks at me sometimes, and her whole personality. if I was buddhist i’d say she is the re-incarnation of gytha. she has this look she gives me when she wants to come out - i think it’s her pleading look - where her ears are pushed as far down the side as her head as possible, like she’s trying to be a dumbo rat. it works every time. i think mainly because it reminds me so much of her sister, Lil Lottie, who died at 6 weeks old.

Lyra (black berkshire)
very very shy. i’ve spent hours and hours with these girls and Lyra is still shy and wriggle and anti-human. think that’s just her personality though. i try not to take it personally. i notice glimpses of her trying though. like last, i was playing with Bellis in the cage, and she was hanging out very close, perching on my hand at one point. but when i moved my hand to stroke her she ran off. i am determined to crack it with her.
and i’m determined to make her like the others. the 4 girls are still living apart, and it’s mainly due to Lyra. even with a slice out her ear for her troubles she’s still not giving up the fight.
she has a gorgeous berkshire belly, with the white bit spliting and going up to each forearm.

Pantalaimon (black self)
so named because she’s black like Lyra and i had grand hopes of them becoming best friends. she’s a delicate little girly. i’m starting to wonder if she was the runt of litter because she’s so little. loves her mummy, totally. i open the door and she’s on me in less than 5 seconds. during intros with the Belly and Lyra she’s more interested in trying to get to me, when i’m cleaning her cage out she wants to be with me. she just loves me for some reason. and i’m not complaining. it’s great to have so much attention off a rat!
has an annoying habit of trying to clean my teeth for me. i’ve never had any rat do this and now i have three (the boys as well). but my little Pansy is the master of it - she even goes for the wisdom teeth, until i get scared i’m going to choke on her. and i have no choice - if i refuse to open my mouth for her she pulls them open with her paws, and she has VERY sharp nails!
currently sporting the permanently surprised look, because of mites. the only part of her affected was above her eyes, and now she has two little bald spots.

Lily (silver fawn hooded)
the start of my (and nat’s) GMR problems (GMR = get more rats). i saw an post on the ratty forum i go one for 2 little sisters that needed a home: Lily and Poppy. me and the original girls (Bellis and Lyra) were still pretty upset from Lottie dying, and i thought we could all do with some more playmates. i fell in love with them because of their colour - i’d never had ‘ginga’ rats before. turns out Poppy was going to keep a lone rat company, but Lily now had 3 little black friends to play with. so I had Lily and Pan and nat took the other two. (nat then went on to get another 4, including a disabled ratta!)
she is an adorable cheeky little minx. she vibrates when she comes out after the boys. she is very licky, but doesn’t like smuggling me much - prefers to go off exploring. but when she’s had enough of that, she’ll come and curl up down my jumper. the mites got her two, and worse than pan - had a big bald patch on her side for while which is growing back nicely now. she was very good about me putting the cream on her. in fact, when she saw me putting the glove on (i don’t need the steroids!) she would come running over and wait patiently for me to adminster it. she’s also good at playing bowling on the wii with uncle john.

Vimes (pale silver fawn/champagne hoodie)
my big squishy boy :D the fault of GMR and a little bit of me telling adam how squishy boys are supposed to be and him wanting to see for himself. Vimes stole my heart on their rehoming post - he was about 10 weeks old and looking like the most adorable little white rat i had ever seen. out of his 7 other brothers i chose Modo as well. Vimesy boy had his baby moult and turns out he wasn’t white after all and actually a gorgeous greyish hoodie.
he can be a bit of a grumpy sod when he wants to be - bit me twice while was out the other night - but i have threatened him with cutting his (disproportionally huge) ratty balls off and he has behaved ever since. he is another teeth licker/jumper sitter. these boys have finally discovered the joys of hammocks and now i can’t get them to shift out of them.

Modo (silver fawn berkshire)
ssh!! Adam’s favourite. named after the gardener in the unseen university in the discworld books (and Vimes his the head of the nightwatch). small than Vimesy but even squisher. he’s very gentle and loving, but when he’s out he never sits still. he’s also cheeky - stole half my toastie the other night!
he really does have the cutest little face. i think he has picked up on the fact he’s daddy’s favourite and boy does he milk it! he made a good first impression on my mum as he widdled on her! he likes chicken soup (and toasties).

13 January 2007


so my rats update more than me. what is the world coming to? in my defence there's 6 of them and one of me! they bully me!! they look at me with their cute pleading little eyes and beg for the computer.

so what's new with me?
* my laptop's broken. screen has gone like it did on the old one. not amused. gonna save up and get me a mac book... might take a bit, i've not got much money.

* this is because i've moved out and in with julie. adam's moving in soon. means all my money goes on rent. *sigh*
this is my house, we have all of the top floor - 2 bedrooms, a rat-bedroom, a living room, kitchen and bathroom. tis nice:

* my flat is cold cold cold. the gas card isn't working. grr. we're changing to bills soon, and i can't wait. meanwhile we have to keep topping up the gas card, but yesterday it decided to stop working.

* i'm getting all excited about various weddings and babies happening this year. yah! (and also an engagement that i have been told will happen this year!)

* i cooked gorgeous veggie food for adam, in preparation for when he moves in and turns veggie:

* for new year's we went to the local pub, and every one got a little too drunk:

(this is fluff off julie's feather boa)

12 December 2006

i've updated to the new blogger beta - and everything's going wrong!


update your blogs people!

tell me news!!

give me pictures!!

here, have some pictures:

21 October 2006

i aen't ded

well it's a saturday morning. the folks have just gone away for the weekend. adam's not coming till 2. have the house to myself and it it bliss.

of course i have loads of things i should be doing, but i refuse! i'm only going to do what i want to do. so there. *nods*

i've have been ordered on several occasions to post about my holiday. it was fantastic. did loads of walking (but nothing too strenuous), quite a bit of drinking, very good eatting, and urm...yeah, just generally had a wickedy time.

the beer was goooood :D i'm sure you all know how i like my czech beer, and being in slovakia is the next best thing!

i still need to sort my photos out onto flickr as there's far too many to post here, but here's a few to keep you going:

and if you want photos of my gorgeous ratty girls - go read their blog!

it will be updated again in a few days when their new friends arrive (tomorrow :D)

18 October 2006

at what point should i tell my parents there will soon be 4 rats in the household instead of 2?

gorgeous little rescue girlies...